The six principles below should be adhered to in all data use in the real estate sector, both within a business and a building. These principles should as far as possible be applied to the whole supply chain.

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1. Accountable

For the data collected and used. This includes taking responsibility for using the data in an appropriate and secure way.

2. Transparent

About what is collected and why. Whilst this cannot be expected for every data point, at a minimum a general data policy should be published for each building and company explaining what is collected and why.

3. Proportionate

Not only should data be collected within legal and technical requirements, but is also proportionate to the benefit and the expectations of wider society


4. Confidential & Private

All activity with data should at all times consider confidentiality and protect privacy; both within necessary legal requirements, but also according to the expectations of wider society.

5. Lawful

All data should only be used within all relevant local and international laws and regulations.

6. Secure

Security principles should be built in ‘by design’ into all applications and appropriate steps should be taken to keep data secure.

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