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The RED Data Research and Academia group seeks to promote rigorous, academic research on real-estate data to stakeholders and practitioners in the sector.

Things are changing fast.

Data is beginning to disrupt the real-estate sector raising questions as to how it can respond to new demands and challenges.

Academic research is peer reviewed, empirically robust and provides a balanced view on these changes.

It can benefit practitioners in navigating these changing times by providing new insight, while stimulating debate and conversation. 



RED Foundation Data Research & Academia Steering Group

Who is this for?

The group aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and opportunities for collaboration. It seeks to act as an open group that is interdisciplinary and involves those across academia and the real-estate sector.

It is of interest, but not limited to:

  • Researchers: sociology, geography, management studies, information systems, computer science and engineering

  • Practitioners: asset managers, facilities managers, engineers, project managers, surveyors, architects, software developers, start-ups

  • Key stakeholders: government, industry groups, tenant groups


Find out more about the RED Foundation Data Standards activity and FAQ's here.


RED Foundation Data Research & Academia Steering Group

Steerig Group

The RED Foundation Data Research and Academia Steering Group is made up of interdisciplinary experts from across academia and all corners of the real estate sector with the purpose of promoting academic research.

The purpose of the group is to connect and promote high-quality relevant research and findings to support understanding as to how data is reshaping real estate. It will do this by:

•            Providing a credible and focused voice for research in real estate

•            Promoting highly relevant findings from research studies to key stakeholders

•            Producing a quarterly 'RED Foundation Research' blog update considering market activity and specific issues

•            Identifying contemporary topics and issues that require further research

•            Developing a network of academic researchers and practitioners and to share research and identify opportunities for collaboration 

•            Fostering dialogue and conversations centred on evidence-based research


RED Foundation Data Research & Academia FAQs

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