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On the 12th January 2021, the residential property came together to support the sector wide use of the UPRN.

Download the letter or press release opposite, or find below FAQ's, a video explaining more and a form to show your support for letter.

Industry urges the use of the UPRN across the Sector

The Letter

Download a copy of the letter opposite.


The Press Release

Download a copy of the press release opposite.


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Representative body Signatories

The letter
Signatories of the letter

*The FAQ's listed here are intended to be a useful guide to some of the common questions that may occur and should not be relied upon for any business decisions. For the avoidance of doubt, these are not necessarily the views of the signatories of the letter.

Support the UPRN open letter

By signing submitting this form, you are agreeing that your organisation supports the sentiment and details of the attached statement, you provide permission for your organisations name and logo to be used exclusively to represent the support of this statement and permission for us to keep your details on record and share with involved parties exclusively for the purpose of managing the support and promotion of this statement.

Thanks for your submitting!

Find out more about the UPRN
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