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The overall purpose of the Data Standards Steering group is to promote collaboration, raise awareness of data standards activity, and to identify overlaps (and opportunities for collaboration):

  • Providing a credible voice representing the value and importance of data standards in real estate

  • Encourage adoption of data standards in the sector – be an evangelical voice

  • Encourage and reward (through promotion and profile) collaborative efforts, convergence, and co-operation between data standards curators in the sector

  • Establish and promote good practice in collaborative data standards development

  • Acting as a 'Data Standards' sounding board for other activity across the RED Foundation

  • Producing a quarterly 'RED Foundation Data Standards' blog update to be shared through RED Foundation channels considering any market activity and / or specific issues.


Data Standards report front cover.png

A report, supported by the UCEM Harold Samuel Research Prize exploring the role of standards in influencing the use of data in real estate.

Find out more about the RED Foundation Data Standards activity and FAQ's here.

RED Foundation Data Standards - the principles

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Promote value – of data standards and encourage their adoption in all appropriate circumstances.

Encourage discovery – by signposting to existing standards and advocating interconnected data dictionaries, with the intention of avoiding and discouraging unnecessary duplicative standards development.

Improve interoperability – by considering the way in which a standard is useful in a heterogeneous data standards environment.

Coordinate content – to simplify the existing landscape by identifying overlaps with other work and supporting connections and where appropriate convergence.

Collaborate – in good faith in service of the other principles, and in general for the advancement of data standards in real estate.

RED Foundation Data Standards - what we're working on

What we're working on

Establishing what a data standard is and what differentiates one standard from another


Investigating how we could assemble a data standards catalogue to help consumers find and use standards


Research report

RED Foundation Data Standards - previous research

What we've done

Supported by the UCEM Harold Samuel Research Prize, we have produced a report that explores the role of standards in the flow of data across real estate and some of what is available in the UK today. A copy of the report can be downloaded below, as can a list of all the standards identified within this piece of work. 

Download the pdf report below 


Data Standards report front cover.png

Download the source data below 


Data standrds source data.png
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