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As Real Estate becomes more data driven and complex, it will become increasingly important for the sector to get to grips with the ethical challenges that this presents.

We will increasingly have to address how we collect, manage and use data in the most ethical way for our businesses and society.

The RED Foundation has established a steering group of leading experts and 6 principles that we are asking companies to sign up to demonstrate that they are working towards.


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Step by step guide to embedding data ethics


RED Foundation Data Ethics Principles

Data Ethics Steering Group

Six high level principles that we would encourage all real estate companies to work towards. Demonstrate to staff, clients and society that you are doing so by signing the form below. 

Find out more about the Data Ethics Steering Group here.

Find out more about the RED Foundation Data Ethics activity and FAQ's here.

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1. Accountable

For the data collected and used. This includes taking responsibility for using the data in an appropriate and secure way.

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4. Confidential & Private

All activity with data should at all times consider confidentiality and protect privacy; both within necessary legal requirements, but also according to the expectations of wider society.

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2. Transparent

About what is collected and why. Whilst this cannot be expected for every data point, at a minimum a general data policy should be published for each building and company explaining what is collected and why.

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5. Lawful

All data should only be used within all relevant local and international laws and regulations.


3. Proportionate

Not only should data be collected within legal and technical requirements, but is also proportionate to the benefit and the expectations of wider society

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6. Secure

Security principles should be built in ‘by design’ into all applications and appropriate steps should be taken to keep data secure.

Demonstrate that your organisation is working towards these data ethics principles

On behalf of your organisation, please select the following:

Thanks for supporting!

Dat ethics support
Steerig Group

RED Foundation Data Ethics Steering Group

The RED Foundation Data Ethics steering group, is made up of experts from across all corners of the sector with the purpose of raising the topic of data ethics up the sector’s agenda. It will:

  • Provide a credible voice for data ethics in real estate

  • Own and promote the RED Foundation Data Ethics principles across the real estate sector 

  • Act as a 'Data Ethics' sounding board for other activity across the RED Foundation

  • Produce regular 'RED Foundation Data Ethics' updates on market activity or specific topics 

  • Be responsible for external Data Ethics proposals to be carried out on behalf of the RED Foundation


RED Foundation Data Ethics latest news


RED Foundation Data Ethics FAQ's

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