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  • Promote publicly available, relevant, data related content that you produce through the RED Foundation channels in addition to your own – ideally aim for at least one per month.​

  • Link to the RED Foundation website from your own website where appropriate and practical

  • Actively promote the RED Foundation Data Ethical principles

  • Nominate one person as point of contact responsible for RED Foundation activity and attend virtual activity meetings.

  • Show you are taking coordinated action to elevate the debate on data ethics and practice in the sector 

  • Reduce the costs of separate action through coordination around a single body

  • Increase exposure of your organisation and your work across the sector

  • Break out of the silo’d thinking that has led to a lack of progress on this issue

  • Drive new membership by opening up new markets to technology firms and people

  • Offer a means of generating new content and research whilst sharing minimal bottom line costs

If you are an industry body, or in academia and want to support the sector to better understand and use data, please sign up below.

On behalf of your organisation, please select the following:
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