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RED Foundation update - Nov 22

The RED Foundation has been busy this year and we are delighted to provide a brief summary of what we have been up to and what is next:

  • Overall governance - we have established a steering group of leading names from across the sector. The group is chaired by Damian Wild and our thanks go to him and the other members. More details may be found here.

  • Industry support - the RED Foundation is at its core about brining together the property sector around the topic of data. We are supported by AREF, BPF, CIE, Geovation, IET, IRPM, RICS, RLBA, SIOR Europe, TPO, UCEM and the UK PropTech Association. We are very grateful for these bodies ongoing support and more are on the way - watch this space!

  • RED Foundation Forum - 11th October saw the inaugural RED Foundation Forum. The event was kindly hosted by Pinsent Masons with talks from Steering Group Chairs and DLUHC, ICO and The Alan Turing Institute and LandAid.

Networking drinks sponsored by Coyote Software, BrightSpaces, EG, REsustain, ESRI UK and Infabode with all proceeds going to LandAid.

Thank you to all of those who attended and were involved.

  • RED Foundation Data Ethics Playbook - in the next few days we will be launching a new guide - the RED Foundation Data Ethics Playbook. This builds on the Data Ethics principles that many companies are already working to and helps companies to embed this into their thinking. The report is authored by members of the Data Ethics Steering Group; Yusra Ahmad, Sue Chadwick, Janis Wong, Sanjaya Ranasinghe and Ian McKenzie. Keep an eye it for the launch and in the mean time find out more about the playbook with a video discussion with Yusra and Sue.

  • Data Ethics Steering Group - Sue Chadwick of Pinsent Masons has taken over the role of Chair from Peter Bolton King who remains an active member of the steering group. The steering group continue to raise awareness of data ethics and support the sector to embrace a data ethics approach. The aforementioned playbook is a major part of this - watch this space.

  • Data Standards Steering group - the Data Standards Steering Group is chaired by Chris Lees and is working on promoting the definition and value of data standards as well as building on the RED Foundation data standards report published in 2020 by cataloging the standards available across the sector to help people identify and use the appropriate standards.

  • Research & Academia Steering Group - chaired by Professor Tom Wainwright, this group has been posting fascinating summaries of academic research that is well worth taking a look at here. Topics are wide ranging for example covering the impact of social media sentiment for property firms, Tokenisation of Real Estate, preserving privacy with smart meters and exploring what a Tenant Data Charter could look like.

Please get involved in the discussion at the LinkedIn Group and encourage your company to work towards the data ethics principles. Lastly, we're always open to ideas and suggestions or people who want to get involved. If that is you - speak to us here.

Lastly - the RED Foundation is a not for profit initiative and everyone involved gives their own time to support this. A massive thank you to all of those involved, especially the 4 steering group chairs, Damian, Sue, Chris and Tom.

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