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Riding the tidal wave of data....

There is no question that the Real Estate Sector is facing a tidal wave of data, but we are often ill-equipped to face these challenges as single companies or even at individual stages of the building life-cycle.

As a sector, we need to come together to face the challenges that this tidal wave of data brings. To make sure that we ride the wave, not consumed by it.

The Real Estate Data Foundation (RED Foundation) is a not-for-profit environment which aims to bring the sector together to share insight and work collaboratively to face these challenges head on.

The RED Foundation will be led by and made up of industry leaders to identify the major industry level challenges that we are facing and then through 'working groups' carry out activity to address these specific challenges. It is built on the principles of openness, collaboration and taking small positive steps forward.

The challenges that Real Estate faces from data are huge. But so are the opportunities, and both of these are only going to grow with time, the sooner we start addressing them, the better. The RED Foundation will enable the whole sector to ride the tidal wave of data for the benefit of the sector and the wider public.

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