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Welcome to RED’s Data Research Academia Group - what's it all about?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Through a series of regular briefings and contributions, we seek to promote rigorous, academic research on important topics concerning real-estate data to stakeholders and practitioners in the sector. The group aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and opportunities for collaboration between academics and practitioners.

It seeks to act as an open group that is interdisciplinary and involves those across academia and the real-estate sector. The group is of interest to academic researchers from sociology, geography, management studies, information systems, computer science and engineering, for example, and practitioners from across the value chain including asset managers, facilities managers, engineers, project managers, surveyors, architects, software developers, and start-ups. The broad ground covered with also be of interest to wider stakeholders from across government, industry groups and tenant groups.

The steering group has a series of key aims to support understanding as to how data is reshaping real estate:

• Providing a credible and focused voice for research in real estate

• Promoting highly relevant findings from research studies to key stakeholders

• Producing a quarterly 'RED Foundation Research' blog update

• Identifying contemporary topics and issues that require further research

• Developing a collaborative network of academic researchers and practitioners

• Fostering dialogue and conversations centred on evidence-based research

There are a variety of reasons to connect and engage with RED.

For academics, it helps their research to reach a broad audience, particularly for novel findings and recommendations, but to also demonstrate industry engagement to research funders and councils, and to also identify future collaboration partners.

Practitioners can access the latest academic research on real estate data covering a broad range of topics. The research will be empirically-based, providing a challenging outsider perspective, free from sponsorship or in-house constraints, in a clear digestible format.

RED seeks to foster connections, debate and collaboration.

This can be through conversations and exchanges over briefings published through RED, or:

• Further informal advice and dialogue based on research projects

• Knowledge exchange projects, funded by the UK government

• Private consultancy projects

• PhD studentships with partnered funding or provision of data/projects

• Finding project advisors and pathway to impact beneficiaries/ key stakeholders

We do hope you will find the contributions on the site interesting. Feel free to connect with authors through email or RED’s LinkedIn group and contribute to the discussions. If you would like to contribute a piece for the briefing series, or suggest an area of interest, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

RED Academia Steering Group

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