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What's happening at the RED Foundation - November 2019

Seems like it is a good time for us to share an update on how the RED Foundation is getting on. In this post, we take a look at where we have made progress and how we need your help.


We are delighted that a number of leading industry bodies are supporting the initiative (BPF, RICS, UCEM, IRPM and most recently the Property Ombudsman). We are in discussions with several others which will help us achieve our objective of bringing all parts of the sector together.


We have established a LinkedIn Group as a general area for conversations and updates - please do join / invite others and contribute. It is the place for people to share ideas and ask questions!


We are working on a number of different challenges, we will keep you updated on all of these as they progress, but two to highlight now:

  • Data Ethics - we are asking all companies involved in real estate to sign up to some data ethics principles. The aim is to get data ethics on the agenda of real estate and to demonstrate that as a sector we are facing the challenge. Please do sign up your company and encourage others to do so.

  • Data standards - I am delighted that a few weeks ago, the UCEM have awarded a small amount of funding for a piece of research to be carried out on behalf of the RED Foundation. This will be a piece of work that will look to map out the data standards that are already available in the UK Real Estate market.

We need your help

The RED Foundation is a not for profit and is a vehicle to be used by anyone in the sector who wants to run a project or initiative around the use of data. There are some criteria that need to be met, but please do use this as a virtual community in which to collaborate.

The main thing that we need is an active community, so please do share what you are working on, problems or solutions that you have come across and get involved in the challenges as they progress.

Last, but not least is please do encourage your company to sign up as supporters of the Data Ethical Principles.

Next year

We have a lot planned for next year beyond what we have mentioned above around building performance and public sector data to name a few.

We will also be looking to run some form of get together in the new year. We are still working on details, but if you have any ideas or would be interested in attending, please get in touch either through the website or twitter (@REDFoundation_)

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