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Public data challenge

The challenge

More and more public data is being made available around the world and this is often critical to underpin and support the real estate sector to meet the national challenges such as housing, attracting inward investment, productivity, etc. However, the very nature of Governments and the public sector means that the data available can be disjointed and hard to find.

At the same time, whilst public bodies proactively try to engage with the real estate sector to understand data needs and prioritise projects, the sheer size, complexity and fragmentation of the real estate sector can make this difficult and inefficient.

The UK challenge board

MHCLG - Natalie Record (Challenge board Chair)

What we're doing

This year we are planning to carry out the following activities:

  • Create a working convention on what counts as public data

  • Create a Real Estate - UK Public Data Directory

  • Create a virtual UK Real Estate user group

Check back soon
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